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Live Webinars

Are you expecting a baby and do you want to prepare well for breastfeeding?

I offer a “basic breastfeeding course” of two times two hours via zoom in Chinese. In order to keep the zoom sessions personal and allow for interaction, Q&A, each zoom session is limited to ten couples (one device per couple). Attending together with your partner and/or mother(-in-law) is recommended.

Topics discussed in the “Basic Breastfeeding Course”:

  1. Why Choose Breastfeeding?

We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding. 

  1. When Should I Start Breastfeeding?

When is the best time to start breastfeeding: right after birth, the second day, after the milk comes in? When do I actually start producing milk? Will my milk be enough to satisfy my baby or should I also feed the baby some formula in those first days after the birth? Let’s discover this together!

  1. How Do I Maintain a Good Supply of Milk?

Often, a new parent’s biggest concern is whether mom’s milk is enough. I explain three main principles to help you maintain a good milk supply. We’ll also look at the question if what you eat and how much you drink can influence how much milk you produce.

  1. How Do I Know If My Baby Gets Enough to Eat?

Another common concern of parents is whether or not the baby is actually getting enough to eat. In this lesson I explain some guidelines to help you know if your baby gets enough.

  1. Hand Expression of Breast Milk.

Knowing how to hand express your milk can be very useful. We’ll look at one way of expressing breast milk.

  1. Breastfeeding Positions.

Did you know that a baby can find and latch to the breast himself? Mom just follows the baby’s cues. Of course, mom can also guide the baby to latch-on. We’ll discuss different ways of holding the baby and guiding or allowing the baby to latch to the breast.

At the end of the lesson I will send you the main content of the class, so that you can review at home.


150 rmb or 20 euro per couple for both lessons.

Are you interested, but available dates are not convenient for you? Or, do you know someone who might be interested? Contact me.

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