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My Motivation

I’ve worked with expectant and new mothers since 1992 in the UK, The Netherlands, and in China. It is such a privilege to support families during a special, new, exciting time in their lives. After being trained as a midwife, I gave birth to two daughters. I already knew that giving birth to a new life was special, but becoming a mom myself gave this knowledge a deeper dimension. I experienced first-hand the importance of good support during pregnancy, labour, and delivery, as well as in those first days after the birth. As a midwife, I had learned a lot about breastfeeding and supported mothers to successfully breastfeed their babies. When I was pregnant myself, it wasn’t difficult to make the choice to breastfeed my children. However, I did think, having seen several mothers struggle with feeding their babies: “I’m going to do my best; that is all I can do!” Once our first daughter was born, my thinking changed: “There was no way a bottle was going to come close to my daughter. I was determined to feed her myself!” I breastfed both our daughters for a year. Even though I realise that there are situations that supplementing with formula is necessary, I also understand the mother who strongly desires to breastfeed her child.

Working with pregnant women and newly delivered mothers in the UK, The Netherlands, and China, made me realise that women all over the world are the same: They need support and good care, someone who prepares them for the birth, for breastfeeding, and for taking care of a new life. In China, we trained village and township level doctors, we developed information leaflets for pregnant women in the villages, and we started parenting classes. In order to reach even more Chinese women and their health care professionals, the idea came up to set up this website.

I would to thank Lactation Education Resources through whom I received my lactation education and who made their handouts available for us to translate. I will refer to this information on the website. I also would like to thank Tina Li who has helped me with translation and Chinese language.

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