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What’s Wrong with a Bottle?

One of the biggest misunderstandings in China is that women believe that they don’t have milk in the early days after birth and thus start with bottle feeding. This can lead to several problems. Incorrect bottle-feeding practices. When helping moms, who started out bottle-feeding, but want to breastfeed, my main goal is to help with latch

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The Earlier I see a Mom the Better, or Perhaps not Always?

I used to think: “The earlier I see the mother, the better, because then I can clear some misunderstandings and help her get off to a good start with breastfeeding.” So, my first focus is: teach the women and their family during pregnancy and then try to see them as soon after the delivery as

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I got a call from an American lady, living in Xian (over 600 km from where we live). She had encountered quite a few breastfeeding problems and had no one in her vicinity to turn to. After taking a detailed history and listening to her story, I gave her advice to make sure that the

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Premature Babies in Our Chinese Hospital

The hospital I work at is the largest in the county. All mothers from surrounding towns and villages are encouraged to have their babies in this hospital. Having said this, very high risk pregnancies and babies are referred to the main hospitals in the nearby city, Taiyuan. During my breastfeeding rounds, I have seen several

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Breastfeeding Support and Training. Why?

As I wrote in my last blog: I sometimes wonder if there is any point in my doing this lactation work: teaching the mothers, the staff and helping the breastfeeding mothers. Apart from seeing the mothers on the ward, I do a lot of teaching in different hospitals, both in the city as well as

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Miracles Still Happen

One day I visited a mom at home who had faithfully attended all my classes. Her pregnancy finished two months earlier than expected and hoped for. After the birth of her premature baby, the baby is transferred to the children’s hospital, after a couple of days the mom is discharged home. She goes home without

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